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The missions of Chains Inc. is; To motivate, encourage, and support youth of Delaware to go to college & pursue their career of choice. The three pillars of Chains Inc. (Motivate, Encourage, Support) provide experiences and principals that will give Delaware’s youth an opportunity to strive for economic stability. We define our three pillars as follows:

Motivate – Provide incentives for GPA maintenance through high school, provide opportunities to contribute in a positive manner to the community, provide an opportunity to impact change.

Encourage – Aligning students with a mentor in a career field of interest, offering experiences to network and align goals, provide volunteer/intern opportunities.

Support – Follow student through high school, offering services needed to remain successful, ensure students have authentic experiences relative to stated goals, giving students a voice and a platform in order to propel positive change in their community.

While high-school dropout rates hit a 30 year low in 2011 – 2012 in Delaware the Delaware Department of education reported that 1,527 students dropped out and 1,022 of the students lived in New Castle County. Additionally in 2012 Delaware Department of Education reported that 55% of high school graduates which lags behind the national average of 66%. Chains Inc. agrees with the U.S. Department of Education’s evidence based recommendations for dropout prevention; “Provide academic support and enrichment to improve academic performance. Implement programs to improve student’s classroom behavior and social skills. Provide rigorous and relevant instruction to better engage students in learning and provide the skills needed to graduate and to serve them after they leave school.”

Our program is created through providing solutions utilizing these recommendations in our program design. Chains Inc. programming is also in line with the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center best practices of expanding career planning services beyond graduation, and providing community base instruction, teaching functional skills including but not limited to integration, safety, communication, and employment skills.

Chains Inc. provides six programs that fall under out three pillars:

College tour, campus visits, and cultural enhancing trips (Motivate)

Youth Employment Program (Motivate)

Delaware’s 40 under 40 list (Encourage)

Delaware’s 20 under 20 list (Encourage)

Mentoring (Support)

Scholarships (Support)

Through Chains Inc. core values of commitment, education, and love our vision is to create a bond between our staff, participants & their families, secondary education institutions, and the business community that will represent a chain where each of us are a link. Creating educational and economic advancement opportunities for Delaware’s youth.

True to providing community service, Chains operates from several facilities, based on client need. The mobility allows for Chains to operate effectively, going out into the community to serve. This past year we have served students in New Castle and Kent counties of Delaware. One highlighted event this past year was Delaware’s first 40 Under 40 celebration, highlighting positive contributing citizens of Delaware under the age of 40. This will be followed up in 2014 with the first 20 under 20 celebration.

Call us today at 302-723-4113 or Email us at Info@chainsde.com


Our team members

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
Erin Hutt

Erin Hutt


Ms. Hutt is a Delaware State University alum with Bachelors of Science in Management with a concentration in Marketing and received a Masters of Public Administration in 2013 from Stayer University. She is a third generation Wilmingtonian who values her community, importance of a furthering education, and our youth.